BBC : Scientists Collect Sperm From Gorillas

I’ll leave it to readers to comment.

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8 Responses to BBC : Scientists Collect Sperm From Gorillas

  1. Puckster says:

    Step one: Latex gloves.
    Step two: “Cheap Trick” song The Flame
    Step thaareee: “Cheap Trick” song Surrender
    Step four: Beers!

  2. Puckster says:

    Hopefully, it wasn’t a US grant that paid for this study, being that China has usurpt Japan as 2nd largest economy and all. Do we give foreign aid to Japan?

  3. Puckster says:

    Correction: “usurped”

  4. Nobama says:

    This study sounds a lot like Climate “science”. They announce that Chimps are the kings of Sperm, then the story talks about using visual estimates because “it’s a little difficult to get samples from the animals…” No kidding? Maybe the “scientists” just weren’t devoted enough to their work. A fresh new monkey suit, soft music, a little jungle musk…. ?

  5. Mike Davis says:

    Is that what Jane Goodall was doing all those years? Now we know why she was always smiling!!!!

  6. Jeff K says:

    News Flash! Chimp sperm dropping due to climate change. Will they be as endangered as gorillas in the near future-studies suggest Yes.

  7. Al Gored says:

    That chimp in the photo looks like he was just ‘sampled.’

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