Guardian : Climate Scientists 2-3 Times More Likely To Make Irrational, Misinformed Comments Since 2000

There weren’t any Tesco stores in 1607.

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7 Responses to Guardian : Climate Scientists 2-3 Times More Likely To Make Irrational, Misinformed Comments Since 2000

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Well! YES! Natural longterm weather patterns, usually referred to as “CLIMATE” do make the possibility of extreme weather more likely under certain conditions. They just need to research the historic records to see the possible outcome. The so called “Safety Net” provided by insurers and government agencies lead people to develop locations prone to hazards and even redevelop locations that were devastated previously.

  2. PhilW says:

    “The team ran models simulating the real weather and, crucially, models of the region’s weather as it might have been in a world without human-produced greenhouse gases. The models were run thousands of times to enable the probability of the extreme floods to be determined in both scenarios, taking 40,000 years of computing time. Global warming was found to have most likely doubled the risk of the 2000 floods, but there is a one in 10 chance that the increased risk was as high as 700% or as low as 20%.”

    Says it all really…….
    So.. no real world analysis done…

  3. AlterEgoTrip says:

    And building on flood plains doesn’t help the flooding to homes and businesses either. And yet after 300 years experience and records, they continue to do so, these days at record amounts.. leading to more property damage in an economic climate which is much worse.

  4. Does anyone really respect the Guardian over there?

  5. Hal says:

    This past decade is all George W. Bush’s fault.
    His controversial 2000 Electoral victory caused mass insanity in Political Circles and in the Climate Change Community. Al Gore happens to be a member of both of these groups, and is living proof of the BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

  6. Galvanize says:

    Amino Acid in Meteorites

    “Does anyone really respect the Guardian over there?”

    You leave the Grauniad alone. It is a great source of fun for many of us during the periods when Hansen and Gore go all quiet.

  7. Philip Finck says:

    The attempt to put us back into caves is falling apart both in the realm of science and public opinion.

    So now the idea is to try and drive us into caves due to the cost of litigation. Next you will be taken to court by your neighbor or government of the WWF because you have two children compared to their one child. Thus, that family is creating twice the child related CO2 feedback, climate driving, death train running, hold your head under water until you drown, green house gas.

    And I thought turkeys were stupid.

    At least in that scenario the nut-jobs will die out in a few generations due to negative population stupidity.

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