Guardian : Uranium Mines Which Will Never Exist Threaten Biodiversity In The Grand Canyon

Apparently the Guardian prefers strip mining coal at Black Mesa and burning it at the Navajo Generating Station.


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6 Responses to Guardian : Uranium Mines Which Will Never Exist Threaten Biodiversity In The Grand Canyon

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    This crap REALLY pisses me off. Bush started the path towards Mars, what does Obama do, give us MORE weather satellites to give us more pictures of what was happening anyway.

  2. Al Gored says:

    Yes indeed. Very clever to switch for that park to that “region.” That provides suitable confusion.

    From that marvelously misleading article:

    “Denison recently told investors that it will increase production by at least 10 million pounds a year by 2020, some of which will be destined for a new nuclear plant in the United Arab Emirates.”

    Most of this increased production is NOT from mines near the Grand Canyon. And contrary to this dishonest article, they just recently went through all the required regulatory hoops again and got approvals.

    And isn’t that cute the way they cherry picked that one customer from the scary Middle East just to whip up their clones. I’m surprised that they didn’t hint that this uranium was destined for Iran and that this company didn’t use cute kittens as forced labor in their mines.

    When you see the words the Center for Biological Conservation, think IPCC for wildlife or Madoff.

  3. suyts says:

    lol, Steve’s confusing people with pictures of steam!

  4. Scarlet Pumpernickel says: Dams can’t work in Australia, because of Climate change, it never rains

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    Is that a tornado on the left side of the photo?

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