1841 : “Tornado and Hurricane at Washington”


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1 Response to 1841 : “Tornado and Hurricane at Washington”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    What did the satellite show was the size of the “Tornado- Hurricane”? Down drafts and some straight line winds can do almost as much damage as a small tornado. What was the official report from the after incident extreme weather research team from NOAA?
    Weather happened then and it continues to happen today. The “Brain Dead Climatologists and Chicken Little Brigade need to realize that the term “Shit Happens” probably was in reference to weather events. A cat5 hurricane is not out of the possible future weather patterns in the Washington area even under their best scenarios. It would be a natural event! The Precautionary Principle calls for the closure of those locations at risk of extreme weather events! Every living person needs to be relocated to a virtual world with perfect virtual climate other wise live with reality.

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