1974 : Scientists Worried About The Earth Entering An Ice Age


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18 Responses to 1974 : Scientists Worried About The Earth Entering An Ice Age

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Amazing how Darwin in Australia was destroyed in 1974 during this ice age


  2. Tony Duncan says:

    Steve has once again exposed the lie from climate alarmists that no one ever thought the earth was cooling in the 70’s.

    • Mike Davis says:

      Next year it will be that “No real scientist” has ever believed the globe was warming! Additional CO2 causes climate extremes both warm and cold because it is an “ANTI- Greenhouse Gas”. A Green House Gas tends to reduce extremes in weather patterns and CO2 does not display those properties!
      It is the next generation of Garbage to be introduced into the models!!! CO2 causes the weather to be Chaotic! We will be experiencing Anthropogenic Climate Chaos!!!

      • Tony Duncan says:

        Mike, the difference being that the scientific evidence actually showed cooling up to the 70’s and there were many scientists who still considered GHG to be a countering factor, including Schneider.

        In the scenario you describe there is 20 years of hundreds of scientific articles and books and statements from hundreds of scientists that have said ACC was real.
        not sure what you are trying to day about anti greenhouse gas.

        As for the 2nd paragraph of your post, you maybe right.

      • Mike Davis says:

        A True Green House represents a stable climate! That is the entire reason behind spending money to build them. I know of Green Houses in the desert used to cool and humidify the enviornment!

      • Tony Duncan says:


        How does a greenhouse cool an environment? I certainly can see it humidifying, but without shade, how do you decrease temp in a greenhouse?

      • Mike Davis says:

        Have you read about Evaporative Cooling? Properly used it can cool the environment over 20F! I grew up with “Swamp” coolers and used them to cool my homes into the 80s. My current wife had one on her house when we sold it in 2005.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        what do you mean by properly used? I understand evaporation does absorb energy, but in order to keep a system cooler with continued increase in energy, doesn’t that require cycling liquid water in to replace the evaporated H2O?

      • Mike Davis says:

        Here is a “White Paper:
        Using a fresh water source rather than recycling the water in the unit more cooling is realized. Using recycled water dripped over the pads 15 to 20 degrees cooling can be expected in a dry climate!
        It is an engineering thing but I grew up with it in every day use during the warm months!

      • Tony Duncan says:


        Just scanned it, but very interesting! thanks

    • Paul H says:

      Of course the point is that they were totally wrong then so why should we have any confidence that they are right now.

      Actually the interesting part is the last paragraph that says during the warming upto 1945 “crops became more abundant”. Nasty thing this warming eh?

  3. I remember the 70’s. I remember a school teaching saying scientists were saying the earth could go into an ice age. I remember her tone, she didn’t believe it. I remember not believing it too.

    There definitely was a coming ice age scare in the 70’s, despite what William Connolley has devoted hie life to saying otherwise at Wikipedia.

    • Tony Duncan says:


      no there was not an ice age definitely coming in the 70’s. I lived then as well, and there was nothing mentioned about it, except for the .0001% of media attention paid to it that anti ACC proponents keep finding now and posting as if there was this huge deal. It was not.

      Was there media hype? yes. Were there scientists who predicted a possible ice age? yes. Was there any consensus or much detailed study of the matter. No. Did much of anyone pay attention for very long. No. it was a fad, that some scientists were concerned about, and the media picked up on for a short while and then it was gone. There was actual reason for interest in the idea, and Schneiders position, while wrong, was not unreasonable with as much information as was available then.

      • Mike Davis says:

        WHAT A CROCK!!!!!!!
        I worked for a living during the 70s. I experienced life as an adult living and working during the so called coming cooling! Go peddel your BS about this to the fools who might believe you!

      • Baa Humbug says:

        I also grew up in the 70’s. One must remember the world didn’t communicate as it does now. Most O’erseas news came via delayed sattelite.

        The most “reliable” people regards science were Professor Julius Summner Miller (what a great bloke, a quintessential mad scientist) and Mr Spock.

        I clearly remember the documentary Mr Spock presented about the coming of an Ice Age and I believed it, afterall, Mr Spock didn’t lie.

        Also, during the 60’s 70’s, EVERYTHING was going to happen by the year 2000, which to me seemed an eternity away.

        So yes you are correct in that there was no saturation of the Coming Ice Age scare in the MSM of the time, but what there was, was from “totally reliable” sources.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        Did you also believe Mr. Spock when he was explaining how aliens built the pyramids and the Nazca lines were spacecraft landing strips.
        And while there was no saturation of global cooling, it was a marketable media headline for a few years. I do remember in 1978 living in a house with a guy who was studying deforestation and he told me about the greenhouse effect and the earth being a “heatsink” and the combination of development and human produced energy were going to cause serious problems. About that same time my brother in law, who had his Ph.D. in environmental engineering (he was involved in trying to remove phosphates from water) told me the same basic thing. This was not presented as new information, but pretty standard fare that scientists all knew about. NO ONE I was around, or my family or any connection I had with people ever talked about a coming ice age. I am sure I heard about it and read about it, but it was such a small percentage of the science information I got it that it made mo impression.

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