Models Predict That Sea Level Will Rise 400 Feet Over The Last 20,000 years

Indigenous peoples ate too many beans

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4 Responses to Models Predict That Sea Level Will Rise 400 Feet Over The Last 20,000 years

  1. Axel says:

    Thing is this, should the planet be in a cooling phase,
    and the ocean levels fall as a result, then will all the
    unscrupulous property dealers sell the mugs the
    newly revealed land at the shore to build their
    condominiums on? Al baby, I can sell you …
    some Thames Estuary futures. Interested …. ?
    Then call 911 and hand yourself in to the cops.

    • Baa Humbug says:

      Not as silly as you think. Once (inevitably) sea levels start to drop, some current water-front properties will be a couple of blocks away from the water.

  2. Jim Cole says:

    This sea-level diagram is informative on several scales, but the big picture is that sea level rose in huge amounts between about 20,000 and 8,000 years ago. Since then, not so much.

    But look closely.

    Between about 6,000 and 4,000 years ago, evidence indicates sea levels HIGHER than today.

    hmmmmmmm – – how can that happen? Musta been less ice on the poles (the storehouses of frozen H20) and probably HIGHER TEMPERATURES than today.

    It’s worse than we thought!

  3. dp says:

    Still the best example of what happens when the climate actually changes vs fluctuates:

    No SUV’s were involved in the sea level changing over 100 meters, sealing off the entrance to the cave long ago. Can you imagine the hysteria at the time –
    “Manu – seem to you da ocean get moah closa, eh?”
    “I tink so, brah. Da buggah goan come get heah wikiwiki.”
    “So what you do, cuz?”
    “I go stay on da lava flow ovah deah, ass what. Build me one hut foah stay dry, find wahini, too.”
    “Me too, brah. Less go!”
    “Ho, cuz – get one bettah idea. We go to ali`i and say we get one big climate huhu heah – can fix with carbon trading and moderating CO2 injection to da sky. We get tax from hale kuke foah make CO2 (and dem malasadas, eh!) den give dah poke to a braddah at Fiji and say no make CO2, ‘k? Promise, eh? He say “can do, brah” and we get rich, yeah?”

    “Cuz -you da man!”

    That’s probably how it went down. I promise, cuz.

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