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Travis Gets Second Special Honor Of The Day

http://www.woodfortrees.org/ Travis responds with : And if you do the same thing with just GISS and UAH starting from 2003 onward, UAH shows at least double the warming trend that GISS does. Is it a sign of a warming conspiracy … Continue reading

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1935 : Safe Levels Of CO2 Brought “The Worst Dust Storm In History”

Gavin wrote a paper last year claiming that CO2 controls the climate. If he is correct, then CO2 below 350 ppm is a very bad thing. http://news.google.com/

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January HadCRUT Temperatures Out : GISS Continues To Lose The Plot

No matter what the climate does, GISS will keep moving up. http://www.woodfortrees.org/

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Women Have To Wait


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Baseline Fault

http://cdiac.ornl.gov/epubs/ndp/ushcn/ts.ushcn_anom25_diffs_urb-raw_pg.gif Warmists do have a sense of humor. First they adjust recent temperatures upwards and older temperatures downwards. Then they claim that their baseline is warmer (because they adjusted it upwards) and demand that you subtract even more from the … Continue reading

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Global Warming Delayed By Thirty Years

http://www.redorbit.com/ Yesterday the story was that mankind would be wiped out in twenty years.

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Classic Kool-Aid Symptoms

Every once in a while a reader earns special attention New comment on your post “July 1934 Was Much Hotter Than July 2010” Author : Karmakaze Comment: I agree with Steve Goddard! Send this out to everyone you know, so … Continue reading

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