January HadCRUT Temperatures Out : GISS Continues To Lose The Plot

No matter what the climate does, GISS will keep moving up.



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16 Responses to January HadCRUT Temperatures Out : GISS Continues To Lose The Plot

  1. Travis says:

    And if you do the same thing with just GISS and UAH starting from 2003 onward, UAH shows at least double the warming trend that GISS does. Is it a sign of a warming conspiracy by Dr. Roy Spencer, or a global cooling conspiracy being started by those who brought us Climategate? We’ll let the reader decide.

  2. Travis says:

    Perhaps take a closer look? I said 2003 onward, not 1998. An for apples to apples, how about UAH and RSS for any year from 1998 to present? UAH shows a significantly larger trend than RSS as well. Or is that still not apples to apples?

    Glad you felt I was important enough to make up a separate post dedicated to ridiculing me.

  3. Anything is possible says:

    The UAH data on Woodfortrees also seems to end in November 2010, which means that the last 2 months of cooling (+0.18C and -0.01C) are not reflected in any trends.

  4. Anne says:

    The data does not yet reflect HADCRUT for January either (it’s below o.2!). I guess it takes time for the guy running woodfortrees to update his data!

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    He who controls the data, controls the agenda.

  6. Wrangler Wayne says:

    Did you know there has been over two dozen instances of dual record days in the United States. That is, both the warmest and the coldest record broken on the same day. An upturn in atmospheric temperatures don’t mean crap. Warming or cooling has to be quantized in some fashion. I looked at a temperature chart with the little squares above the zero line and the little squares below the same line and bingo, they appeared visually identical in count. This means the amount of cooling was offset by a nearly identical amount of warming. So, no net change either way. Yes, the final temps were higher.

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