July 1934 Was Much Hotter Than July 2010

The US press was full of claims last summer that July 2010 was the hottest on record, but NOAA records show that it wasn’t even close to July 1934 – before it got adjusted by Hansen et al.


Below right, I mapped the original July, 1934 Weather Bureau anomaly map (bottom image) into the same color scheme as the July NCDC map (below left.) I had to add two extra (yellow) colors in the 1934 map for anomalies of +8 and +10.

As you can see, July 1934 was much hotter than the “hottest July ever” in 2010.

July, 2010                                                           July, 1934



Below is Hansen’s handiwork, which demoted 1934 – sixty six years later..


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14 Responses to July 1934 Was Much Hotter Than July 2010

  1. If global warming is a real problem then why do they have to change data??

  2. Tony Duncan says:


    you have proof her of blatant fraud. Publish this!

  3. Karmakaze says:

    I agree with Steve Goddard! Send this out to everyone you know, so they can see how stupid he is!

    Seriously, you do realise an anomaly map shows the difference from some standard temperature, right? You also saw that the 2010 map is the departure from the 1971 to 2000 normal, right?

    So what is the 1934 temperature map comparing to, the pre 1934 normal? It’s not labelled on the map, but clearly it can’t be the SAME normal, can it?


    • So you think that shifting the baseline by a few tenths of a degree will make any difference? The discrepancy is an order of magnitude larger than any differences in the baseline. Given that the 1930s was warmer than the NCDC baseline, it might make the discrepancy even worse.

      Does drinking the kool-aid impair your thinking skills?

      • Karmakaze says:

        You say the baseline has shifted. Can I take it from that that you know what the two baselines were? Care to share?

        You say the difference is a few tenths of a degree, but I don’t trust you, so you’re going to have to tell me what they were so that I can see for myself they were only different by a few tenths of a degree.

        Apart from that, can you explain how this has any bearing on GLOBAL climate averages? It’s GLOBAL warming, not US warming. You may note that the hottest year on record for the US was and still is 1936. Globally, however, 1936 doesn’t even make the top ten.

        Cherry picking is hardly “real science”.

    • truthsword says:

      I find it amazing that people defend this with a straight face. I guess it’s all the got, but no-one can defend these kinds of adjustments and it really boils their blood.

  4. JBPeebles says:

    Hmm. First off, I think you’re driving for the truth and I can respect that. I had some additional considerations, however.

    The USA Today article doesn’t say that July, 2010 was the hottest, it says it could be. Small point I guess. The mass media hysteria is obviously not consistent with an objective determination of the facts, though.

    Second issue is the term “global warming.” It fails to accurately describe the phenomena of climate change. Climate change isn’t restricted to temperature alone. Now of course, manipulation of the data (East Anglia, etc.) is a reason not to believe temperatures are climbing, but it isn’t an exoneration of the idea that our climate is radicalizing.

    If Hansen et al see fossil fuels as the cause of “warming,” they’re addressing what could be a vital threat to our climate far more nuanced than departure from mean temperature. Such a determination would justify urgency and perhaps even lying if those emissions could be slowed through concerted action.

    I’ve heard that man-made emissions compromise as little as 25% of the cause for “global warming,” which is better described as climate change. So even if we cut them entirely, change can continue. Cycles in the solar radiation affect cloud cover–H2O in the form of clouds is by far the biggest greenhouse gas.

    So there is a great deal of variation within our climate of rainfall, etc.. I believe though that Climate Radicalization is occurring. Look no farther than flooding in Australia. These problems aren’t caused by atmospheric heating alone, I know, but the unpredictability of rainfall in particular is definitely worsening.

    Also, one needs to look at Contrail and Chemtrail Theory, particularly since synthetic cloud cover has spiked. On one level these might make the surface cooler (it rose in the no-fly period after 9/11.) These are higher in the atmosphere, so don’t trap warm air like lower clouds.

    And the contents of Chemtrails are notorious for containing Barium, which heats the atmosphere.

    Weather modification was proven during a NATO exercise in Holland, where a flight of warplanes disappeared from radar. Climate modification is illegal in that country and an investigation revealed the use of cloud-seeding radar avoidance technology.

  5. Terezah says:

    This just goes to show you that the corporate whores who own amerika and the uk also control the minds and money of goddard, hansen and the mainstream media. And since the powers of evil and greed that control our country and world could not convince us of global warming, they have decided to try Global COOLING. See YouTube HAARP Earthquakes/Tsunami’s.Bilderburg’s annual Secret meeting 2010 decided to use the switch and bait strategy. For they are at war with us and their strategy is always deception and they use both sides to divide and conquer.They are succeeding.They are also using this OIL spill to do the same.Cap & Trade? These people are evil sociopaths.This April 20 thing was no different than the fire Hitler started on this holiday to control the masses eventually. I wonder what their next false flag events will be this occult holiday? Hmmm…Could it be with the Iranians or Israel and the CIA covert black op attempt to create WWIII? Lot’s of money involved! The want the US citizens desperate to agree to anything!

  6. mark says:

    This was well done. Apparently the media seems to bet on people’s short term memory. Unfortunately, there are people like myself, who wasn’t yet alive in 1936, I was born in the 1970s, but I distnictly remember 1988. It was the hottest year ever in my lifetime and even it was cooler than 1934/1936ish. People in Detroit are saying it was so hot, well, ok, I did some research. in 1988 we had 65 days 85+ which is hotter than the highest average temperature of any day at 84. We had 39 days of 90+ and half of those were 95+ 2010? 42 total days 85 or above, 22 days 90+
    1988 5 days over 100, 2010 0 days 100+ I reset my case.
    can you do a map of the 1988 temperaters? also, the 1995 ones, that is the other year I remember being hot, 2005 was the last actaul hot summer I remember at all.

  7. JBPeebles says:

    Heads up people: I remember hearing that heating would disproportionally impact the western United States. The affected region appears to be from about western Indiana across the Mississippi to the west, then fanning out across much of the south central and Great Plains regions. Of course the inter-mountain west was expected to be hit by higher heat, manifesting in more severe and frequent forest fires. Yet we see the Pacific Northwest largely immune from warming. The overabundance of rainfall is contributing to exceptional drought along the southern tier of the nation. Ignore at your peril one theory from the Deepwater Horizon spill that the dispersant and oil would dry the atmosphere along the Gulf coast, due to so much oil.

    If Global Warming theorists came up with geocentric maps to identify locations affected by warming, they seem to be striking gold. Of course this doesn’t say their theory is accurate, even if there were enough data to explain the higher propensity of some locations to warm, and warm more.

    My guess is that manmade emissions are causing this phenomena. Although Global Climate Change–or what I call Radicalization–is occurring, we do need to acknowledge wide variations in atmospheric conditions during our planet’s climate. That being said, I can’t see how producing vast quantities of CO2 can help things. If manmade gases are not the main cause of warming, then reductions in greenhouse gases won’t bring temperatures down.

    As we know from history, we’re not going to maintain our current climate forever. Probably, I’d say at this point, we’ll stabilize mostly as a result of changes in solar winds and other extraterrestrial phenomena more so than cutting back on our on carbon footprint. Rising CO2 levels traced directly to manmade causes are going to doom us to far higher and faster rising temperatures. As the world industrializes it’s likely emissions profile will worsen. Naturally, polluting industries like nuclear and coal and some forms of ethanol production need to be regulated to prevent even worse outcomes.

    Bottom line: this particular heating is within natural variations but due to Climate Change, high temperatures are more frequent, droughts more extreme, and monumental flooding common. Demand sustainable, less damaging sources of power. Grid failure will also be more common, so more environmentally friendly living is vital. Local energy and food production will be the hallmarks of a more positive future, with an transportation grid dependent on cheap energy prices that won’t continue.

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