Global Warming Crisis : No Warming In The 1980s – No Warming In The Last Decade ….

“When we average temperature over five or 10 years to minimise that variability, we find global warming is continuing unabated,” Mr Hansen said.


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3 Responses to Global Warming Crisis : No Warming In The 1980s – No Warming In The Last Decade ….

  1. The only thing we see happening unabated it James Hansen’s adjustments of data.

  2. suyts says:

    Correlates perfectly with atmospheric CO2 levels……………

    I’m glad you pointed that out, I’ve been trying to put the CO2 graph in with the graphs of the 80s, 90, and 2000s,(as you’ve broken it down) but Excel isn’t cooperating with me.

  3. Wrangler Wayne says:

    Of course global warming is continuing unabated, it is LIA rebound, 0.57 degrees C per century. All very natural mind you. This is according to NOAA/NCDC data set titled
    NOAA Confirms Recent Global Temperature Change is Historically Small & Warming is Decelerating. The graph that is most interesting shows the annual global temperature (AGT) change 1880-2010 vs. ppm CO2. It becomes obvious that rising levels of CO2 have had little or no impact on AGT’s during this time. Also, the temperature changes appear to be well within normal variability. Since 2001, AGTs are increasing 0.14 degree C per century. So, earth is cooling down. Unprecedented global warming is not occurring.

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