NASA Study 1976 : Worried About Global Cooling – Should Focus On Climate, Not Space Exploration

NASA lost the plot 35 years ago.


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21 Responses to NASA Study 1976 : Worried About Global Cooling – Should Focus On Climate, Not Space Exploration

  1. Jimbo says:

    In the article I read:

    Experts have warned that pollution could cause global temperatures to drop……..A one-degree drop would also trigger a $700 million increase in annual electrical energy demand……excluding the cost of treating a rise in skin cancers that could come from alterations in the earth’s atmospher.

    NASA should stick to space exploration and get out of the global warming SCAM. ;O)

  2. Jimbo says:


    There should be an “e” at the end of atmospher[e]

  3. Tony Duncan says:


    The article starts by saying we don’t know enough about climate and need to study it, and then goes on to hypothesize a cooling due to increased pollution. this is the position that Schneider and others took at the same time, and was a perfectly reasonable hypothesis at the time

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    Spiro Agnew? Another great name from the past. Spiro=Absolute O!

  5. Jean Demesure says:

    “the capabilities of satellite analysis of the earth are too important to ignore.”

    GISS ignores satellite temperatures and uses corrupt surface stations data for its “global temperature”. Yet another inconvenient truth.

  6. Gator says:

    I sure am glad the Earth is at its perfect temperature. According to the experts, one degree either way would be the end of civilization.

    • Mike says:

      We are adapted to the current climate. A rapid change in either direction could be disruptive. This is not hard to understand. If natural changes are occurring over which we have no control then we would need to plan ahead to adapt as best we can. If man made factors are causing global or regional climate changes then developing a balance of mitigation and adaptive measures is called for. I repeat, this is not hard to understand.

  7. richcar 1225 says:

    Winter US mean temperature has dropped three degrees since 1998.
    It would be interesting to find out how much additional energy use was due to this.

  8. Tom Black says:

    If the present record cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere is the result of Global Warming as some alarmists suggest.

    What would happen if the global temperatures started to drop, would the NH become
    tropical ?

  9. Blaa Mann says:

    James E. Hansen?
    It would be interesting to know who the authors of this NASA report were. Was climate alarmist/activist James E. Hansen of NASA involved? He had developed a computer program which was used to predict global cooling in the 70-ies, but he denies that he himself has advocated global cooling.

  10. Wrangler Wayne says:

    I remember the skies turning brownish along the Atlantic ocean horizon as I grew up in Florida. No one really liked it. It was ugly. Pollution was noticeable. The clear skies were gone. People were having recognizable problems with air over heavily polluted cities. Leaded gasoline fell out of favor along with CFCs. Then came a new cry, the evil of CO2 and global warming. Connecting the dots to these two were easy. However, science has advanced and we now know this is truly in error. CO2 really plays only a slight, almost entirely negligible role. We have discovered the real reasons behind climate change to be solar related, changes in the oceans, cloud cover, position of the planets and so on. We might be better off not worrying at this time about the climate and restore the land for farming and allow the fish to replenish the oceans. Take the greenhouse out of the sky and put more of them in the backyards.

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  12. Kyle says:

    So make up your minds already? Will pollutions cause the earth to warm or cool?
    I guess their minds go wherever the money goes?

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