Airplane Travel Was Different In the 1950s

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6 Responses to Airplane Travel Was Different In the 1950s

  1. suyts says:

    lol, yeh, a bit different I’d guess.

    • Baa Humbug says:

      These days the pilot would be dragged thru the courts for years.
      The leftards would be bemoaning that the “child” needed help, not a bullet.
      These would be the same leftards who take 6 months psychological leave coz someone hit ’em with a feather duster at work.

  2. Nobama says:

    I like how he still completed the flight. Now that’s service!

  3. MRMEAN says:

    That’s awesome.

    It’s clear from the story the pilot and the plane made the flight anyway, folks paid good money for a flight, and the pilot and airline delivered. At the link note a small but well-placed ad for “Desert Lawn Memorial Park” tucked under the story. And note that this was a page 3 story, just above other important stories like “Sea Shells Displayed at Library,” and “Treasure-Hunter Falls to Death.”

    Good find!

  4. Richard Keen says:

    And the story is on page 3, after some ads!
    And no hypocritical begs for civility afterwards.
    And Ike was president.
    Oh, the days.

  5. As a long time pilot I can tell you that aviation has changed a lot over the years, and to a certainty not for the better – at least from the passenger/crew point of view. No political correctness, no TSA, no body cavity searches and life was simple.

    Screw up flying the plane and you die. Screw around with the crew and you die.

    If people are so scared of flying I suggest they go buy themselves a rubber band aeroplane and go fly it themselves!

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