But Global Warming Is Supposed To Make Them Poor ………..

The schizo-warming crowd can’t keep a coherent thought for more than a few seconds.

The problems don’t stop there, though. By 2050, many of the countries that are currently third-world or developing will have established themselves enough to start to attain more wealth. The citizens of those countries will therefore have more opportunities to obtain property and material items. Between the growing population and the growing number of people who can afford to purchase things, the Earth will be hard-pressed to keep everyone satisfied. Incomes will also double, triple and even quadruple in other parts of the world and people will be able to purchase more material goods there, too. Not to mention that all of these people will be consuming more food and making that even more of an issue.

Obviously, all of these problems will also only help make Earth’s preexisting problems even worse. Oil will continue to become scarcer and scarcer. The Earth’s temperature will continue to rise. Certain types of animals will die off. Overcrowding will occur in many major cities. And a host of new problems will pop up as well. It’s not just theoretical anymore. It’s becoming more and more evident that this is what’s going to happen to the Earth moving forward.


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5 Responses to But Global Warming Is Supposed To Make Them Poor ………..

  1. spast says:

    “The problems don’t stop there, though.” and “Certain types of animals will die off. ” should be bold too imho 😀

  2. Paul H says:

    So their only logical conclusion can be to drastically reduce population levels and act to keep standards of living down.

    I don’t suppose they will say that though.

  3. Mohatdebos says:

    This is an unbelievable. So now it is a problem that people will be healthier (because they will consume more food and will able to afford better health care) and wealthier (incomes will double, tripple, or even quadruple). Does it not occur to them that people in richer countries live much better than people in people. Moreover, don’t these eco-fascists realize that richer people (societies) can afford to take much better care of the environment.

  4. Justa Joe says:

    The IPCC publishes stuff like this, but when someone points out that this is philosophically Malthusian CAGW fanboy trolls go bonkers.

  5. Dr. Killpatient says:

    I’m fairly certain the author could be counted among those who is either:

    a) Actively rooting for the extinction/disappearance of homo sapiens

    b) Believes mankind should number in the thousands (at most) living in small, tribal communities just like those big blue things in “Avatar”.

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