Canadians Are 22% More Gullible Than US Citizens

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8 Responses to Canadians Are 22% More Gullible Than US Citizens

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    wow, did you know if it gets warmer, Texas gets drying, weird hey I though warmer meant more rain?

  2. PJB says:

    Not THIS Canadian, eh?

    We are too polite to believe that the climate “scientists” and a Nobel prize winning group like the IPCC could possibly be lying to us.

    Times change and so do attitudes as we will see, soon enough.

  3. pwl says:

    Not this Canadian… nor many that I know… unfortunately I keep having to educate people who are ignorant of it. They are eager to know facts about it. The worst though are the greenies… they are die hard including a good friend… sigh.

    For some reason it seems people need their endarkened doomsday vision of the future to make it through the day.

  4. Me says:

    And add Me to that list.

  5. Anne says:

    Canadians! We the sheeple!

  6. Lance says:

    Not this Canadian either….
    possibly a push survey too?

  7. Bruce says:

    Its just wishful thinking. Or maybe wistful. Like: ‘wouldn’t it be nice if there was some global warming in Canada’. Global warming in Canada would be nice.

  8. Blade says:

    Canadians Are 22% More Gullible Than US Citizens

    Yeah, with all their beady little eyes and flapping heads …


    NOTE: that of course describes only the liberal ones, not you good folks upthread!

    P.S. please keep Bryan Adams and take our Baldwins too.

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