1832 : Dramatic Climate Change In Italy


“It is certain that seasons’ natural order is worsening. Here in Italy it is common saying and lamentation that the half-seasons have disappeared; and in this confusion, it’s without doubt that the cold is advancing. I have heard my father that in his youth, in Rome, on the morning of Easter Sunday, everybody would change into summer clothes. Nowadays whoever can afford not to sell his shirt, I can tell you he’s very careful not to abandon any winter piece of clothing”.


h/t to Omnologos

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2 Responses to 1832 : Dramatic Climate Change In Italy

  1. baffled24 says:

    Digging deep, the thoughts of Giacomo Leopardi? If I write my thoughts will you publish them?

    • Mike Davis says:

      You Do and He DOES! Little that they are! But it allows me to ridicule your thoughts! 🙂 Thank you!!!!
      Life would be soooo boring without the mentally handicapped to pick on

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