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14 Days Until The Catlin Crew Get Dropped On “Warm” -32 Degree Ice

Everyone who describes the Arctic as “warm” should volunteer for labor camp in Siberia. http://www.catlinarcticsurvey.com/ http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/24688.html  

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Romm : “Top” Medical Groups Warn Us About The Heat Of Global Warming

I’m worried about it. Temperatures are almost out of the teens today. If it gets up to 20F, all hell will break loose. I even heard that my next door neighbors make carbon pollution in their house. Should I call … Continue reading

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Hansen’s Forecasts Aren’t Dead – They Are Just Resting

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Reconciliation : Settle This Debate The Old Fashioned Way – Bastardi Vs. Schmidt At Arm Wrestling

The rules have been rigged in favor of alarmists for a long time. Let’s do this one on a level surface.

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Is The Glass 99% Full Or Is The Mind 99% Empty?

During the 1920s, the Arctic warmed dramatically – causing people to speculate about an ice free Arctic. But note the difference in tone – http://news.google.com/newspapers They described it as “a wonderful climatic alteration.” 90 years later, alarmists speculate about the … Continue reading

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1875 : Fire, Heat And Drought In Australia

The intense heat which prevailed for some days caused many deaths besides through the agency of fire. The infant mortality in Melbourne was alarming during the days the temperature was at its highest—110 deg. to 115 deg. in the shade … Continue reading

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Australian Government : “Early Indications” Of Blithering Incompetence

As I have been documenting here, Australian history is marked by severe drought most of the time, with floods occasionally interspersed. The Australian government does not seem to understand that “climate change” is the norm, and that there is nothing … Continue reading

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