Reconciliation : Settle This Debate The Old Fashioned Way – Bastardi Vs. Schmidt At Arm Wrestling

The rules have been rigged in favor of alarmists for a long time. Let’s do this one on a level surface.


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19 Responses to Reconciliation : Settle This Debate The Old Fashioned Way – Bastardi Vs. Schmidt At Arm Wrestling

  1. bubbagyro says:

    Yeah, right!

    Gavin cuts and runs at even the hint of an equal debate, much less a physical confrontation. Fighting a FOIA is as much of a contest as he can muster. Besides, the far left relies on Union thugs and schizophrenic Kazcinsky violent types to do their “heavy lifting”.

    He would shrink at arm wrestling with Judy Curry.

  2. Anne says:

    Gavin vs. Bastardi? My guess it would be along the lines of Sir Kenneth Clark vs. Jack Bodel except in that case Sir Kenneth Clark at least uttered something intelligent!

  3. suyts says:

    lol, yeh, let’s all reconcile! Hugs for everybody! Come on, group hug time!

    • Latitude says:

      Are you as sick of that garbage as I am……………………….

      • suyts says:

        Yeh, it just pisses me off, more. While I lack Baa Humbug’s eloquence of bluntness, (he had a beaut, yesterday at Curry’s), I pretty much blame the other scientists for not stepping up to the plate.

        We were left hanging by these johnny-come-latelys, now they want to come in and re-examine the science. Now they want to “build trust”……..whatever. I can list on one hand the names of scientists I’d trust. And anyone that now wants to come in and destroy the alarmists, that’s fine, I’ll cheer for them, but I’m never going to pretend they weren’t sitting on the sidelines while the rest of us were fighting the fight.

        Damn they were only a couple of votes short in the senate.

      • Mike Davis says:

        I read most of the 3 threads at Climate ETC but refrained from responding. Bah Humbug was the correct response to the whole thing! There is nothing to reconcile and there is NO science to debate.

  4. Perry says:

    Smug looking Schitt isn’t he? Gavin that is , never Joe!! Is that a pink condom’s restaurant sign behind his head? It suits him.

  5. Airframe Eng says:

    Make it an intellectual battle and Bastardi will really kick his a#$.

  6. Blade says:

    “The Old Fashioned Way … Arm Wrestling”

    Depending on your ‘hood’ and your generation, The Old Fashioned may not mean arm wrestling.

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