Romm : “Top” Medical Groups Warn Us About The Heat Of Global Warming

I’m worried about it. Temperatures are almost out of the teens today. If it gets up to 20F, all hell will break loose. I even heard that my next door neighbors make carbon pollution in their house. Should I call in the EPA SS to stop them?

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15 Responses to Romm : “Top” Medical Groups Warn Us About The Heat Of Global Warming

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    But America hasn’t even warmed up, isn’t it even getting colder? Does cold damage them as well.

    Weird how people can live from the equator to the polar regions but they can’t cope in a single location?

    • suyts says:

      It is utter madness.

      • Squidly says:

        Hmm, I moved from North Dakota to Florida, I survived just fine.

        But let’s see, Fargo, North Dakota records show:

        – The highest recorded temperature was 114°F in 1936.
        – The lowest recorded temperature was -48°F in 1887.

        That is a difference of 162°F !!!!!

        Just the difference of “average” high and low temperature is more than 84°F .. amazing..

        I lived in Fargo, North Dakota for over 25 years and survived 160°F worth of temperature differential! Oh the humanity!!! … how could I have possibly survived???

      • Squidly says:

        Just a little interesting thing to think about. Why is the record high in Fargo, North Dakota, (114°F) a full 5°F HIGHER than the record high temperature (109°F) in Nashville, Tennessee????

        Or, how about Hawaii (The highest recorded temperature was 95°F in 1994) … how can that be possible? How can Hawaii have a record high temperature a full 14°F lower than Fargo, North Dakota?? ….

        Hmmm… anyone care to take a stab at that? … I will give you a hint, it has to do with the supposed “positive feedback” of water vapor … only that, Nashville (and of course Hawaii) has a much higher average humidity, so, one could only conclude that, water vapor is in FACT, a “negative feedback”.

        But, back to the point, by Romm’s own logic, it would be better for my health to move closer to the EQUATOR not closer to the POLES. … Once again, Romm proves to be a utter dip-stick of astounding magnitude.

      • Mike Davis says:

        I lived in the desert for over 50 years and now live in Tennessee. I have been to Hawaii on the Kona Coast and driven through Fargo. I am aware of the effect that H2O has on regional temperatures in all its forms from solid to gas from real life experiences. I am also aware of the effect of a lack or reduced amounts of H2O has on regional temperatures and “Felt” conditions. “Felt and Measured conditions are separate issues. I think they use the term “Real Feel” or some such but that does not take into account Micro effects within a region!
        You have me beat on the -F temperature but +120F in the shade while you are working in the sun is extreme even in the desert. I survived that more than once!

  2. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Lets ask an expert what he thinks?

    • FBG says:

      Great videos, thanks!
      It’s always nice to hear a real scientist to speak.
      He says that the computer models used to study GW are no better than the input data (observation) used with them and this data is poor in his opinion in regards amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. He says that the whole GW idea is misleading and that it’s “impossible” to measure the average temperature on Earth’s surface.
      He’s rather worried about the damaging indirect effects of CO2 on the ozone layer of the stratosphere. He suggests that if you “…change in forest management practices or do a little more irrigation in some places, it’s quite likely you can absorb all CO2 that you want… “, instead of controlling the burning of fossil fuels.

  3. suyts says:

    The funding issue with the EPA is regarding the EPA’s attempt to regulate CO2. Not all the other crap that they do.

  4. suyts says:

    Geez, a simple question…… hour ago.

    suyts says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 25, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    But isn’t [it] true that the funding issue with the EPA is only about their regulating CO2? And not all of the other things they’ve been tasked with?

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    Antarctica must have a very healthful climate. That is why they have such a huge population there, because cold is so good for you.

  6. gofer says:

    Shouldn’t we immediately take the cat converters off all vehicles? Don’t they take real pollutants and turn them into the “new” pollutant, carbon dioxide? Someone should ask them if cat converters are dangerous polluters.

    • Me says:

      Good point! And what Great State brought this in?

    • Justa Joe says:

      Actually since your emission system on your car hurts MPG your emissions control systems contribute to Gore Ball warming so if you care abount Gaia you’ll need to tear out your catalytic converter(s), Smog pump, EGR, evaporative emissions equipment, PVC valve, et al for the children.

      • Me says:

        But wasn’t it Great State California that brought this to bare and now the last thing is CO2, that comes out of the tail pipe they want to label a poision too. What’s next Tax everyone for the exhalation of CO2, and for those that don’t meet the standard? Then what?

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