Snow In Cupertino

I was living there during the 1998-1999 La Nina, and remember heavy snow accumulation in the Santa Cruz mountains above Palo Alto – which lasted for a few days. July 4, 1998 was so cold in Cupertino that we had to bundle up in blankets to watch the fireworks at De Anza College.

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7 Responses to Snow In Cupertino

  1. Mike Davis says:

    In 1957 I was visiting my uncle in Walnut Creek for July and it was to cold to sit out and watch the fireworks.

  2. suyts says:

    Is because of the impending drought just south of there.

  3. Last year, in early December 2009, Mt. Diablo, in the San Francisco Bay Area, was covered with snow all the way down to the bottom. There was El Nino at the time. It must have been because of -PDO. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since I’ve been in California. Though I haven’t seen Yosemite yet.

    • Mike Davis says:

      Go this spring just before or right after Memorial Day. That was my favorite time of the year for visiting Yosemite. Go during the week to miss “Most” of the crowds. That is when the Falls are at their greatest flow rates unless you happen to got right after a major rain but I would not suggest that due to the after effects of flooding. I went through in 2005 the day after a flash flood.

  4. Paul in Sweden says:

    Santa Cruz rocks just about every night of the week according to my experience visiting on business in the late 80s & 90s. Sure hope it is still the same. I remember sunburn, wild nights, long meetings but never would imagine snow in Santa Cruz.

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