The Usual Romm Joke


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13 Responses to The Usual Romm Joke

  1. Baghdad Romm, propāgāre extraordinaire.

  2. sidewinder says:

    Remember that advice you gave him:

    “First preparation is to quit listening to charlatans”

  3. Baghdad Romm, stīfla de hūmānitās.

  4. Baghdad Romm, no lifae de loserae.

  5. Baghdad Romm, Barney Fife of the left, opposae de freed da speechae.

  6. Baghdad Romm, antagōnistḗs de Declaration of Independence.

  7. Baghdad Romm, dispersali de tripeae.

  8. Baghdad Romm, pūblicāvī di excrēmentum.

  9. Baghdad Romm, Propaganda de Glēba Ghwerm Fide, ‘propagating the global warming faith’ (mixture of languages ;O) )

  10. Baghdad Romm, frūstrātus de discoursi.

  11. Baghdad Romm, praevenīre vidēre amphí smaugti schrank. (prevent from seeing by a smoke screen)

  12. Baghdad Romm, prōmulgāre a shitten.

    • Mike Davis says:

      I see you are a card carrying member of the Puppet Joe Fan Club! He may be writing it but he is only following his “Masters” Bidding. I am not Referring to Jeff as he comes off displaying puppet mentality also.

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