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What Are The Experts Teaching Our Kids About Science?

The lesson is – don’t go into science unless you are willing to say anything and pimp your claimed area of expertise to obtain funding.

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Mark Serreze Explains That Quebec Is Part Of The Arctic

http://www.usatoday.com/ The Arctic Ocean was completely covered with ice, as it always is in the winter. Hopefully Serreze didn’t actually say anything that stupid.

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Jeff Masters Explains That It Used To Be Too Cold To Snow In Mississippi


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Another Important Law Of Climate Change

If you stick your head far enough up your posterior, you can hear the canaries chirping in the coal mine.

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Important Laws Of Climate Change

Cold weather is not climate The US occupies a tiny fraction of the earth’s surface Hot weather in Moscow is representative of the planet If the present refuses to get warmer, adjust it upwards If the present refuses to get warmer, the … Continue reading

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Early Spring In New England Brings Wind Chills Of -5F


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Irrefutable Physics Changes Each Year

Last March was the “hottest” on record (ROFLMAO.) But this March global temperatures are running below normal. Apparently the irrefutable scriptures of the chosen religion have been tainted by blasphemers. The irrefutable physics of global warming The laws of physics … Continue reading

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