Thank God For Fossil Fuels

I went out for a long run around Bethel, Connecticut this morning in wind chill of minus 5F (minus 21C) and was extremely grateful for fossil fuels when I got back to the hotel.

Everything here is frozen solid, but I do understand that the Arctic is hot and all the Polar Bears are drowning.


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6 Responses to Thank God For Fossil Fuels

  1. suyts says:

    The hot scared the cold and it ran down to Connecticut.

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    You should strap a windmill on your back when you run to generate enough power to warm yourself. 🙂

  3. Al Gored says:

    “all the Polar Bears are drowning”

    Awful. Seems the only logical solution is to creat a new organization – some UN body based in extremely comfortable offices in Geneva of course – dedicated to providing swimming lessons for polar bears. Or perhaps providing them with lifejackets. Or solar powered propellors. Yes, it will be expensive, and possibly kill the bears, but we must do it for the children.

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    It’s 14 below (F) right now in Churchill, one of the prime centers of polar bear angst.
    The polar bears must be loving it.

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