Ice Ages Explained

Jeff Masters unveiled some important new research this week explaining that snow cover in the deep south was due to warming temperatures. Apparently Mobile, Alabama was simply too cold to receive snow prior to last year.

Extending this logic, we can infer that temperatures were much too cold to snow during the ice age, and that snow and ice cover must have expanded as snow and ice cover retreated beginning 20,000 years ago. This seems counterintuitive, but Nobel Prize winner Al Gore tells us to suspend any pretense of reason. You simply aren’t qualified to understand these difficult concepts.

“Back off man – I’m a scientist”

You can also note from the ice cores that temperature was able to  forecast future changes in CO2, and jumped out ahead of the CO2 curve. This led to additional feedback – when CO2 was contemplating rising, temperature said “no way – I am going to rise several hundred years before you do.” Gossip spreads quickly in the world of CO2 interactions.

Again, this seems counterintuitive, but Laurie David solved the problem in her children’s propaganda textbook – by simply reversing the relationship between CO2 and temperature.

While it may be true that almost all of the information behind the global warming scam is manipulated, incorrect or fraudulent, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t really happening.

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12 Responses to Ice Ages Explained

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    NASA is so useless it can’t even launch a weather satellite in orbit LOL

    • Mike Davis says:

      This was the GLORY satellite designed to monitor the sun and particulates in the atmosphere. The last one was designed to monitor CO2 in the atmosphere and to pinpoint regions of source and sink with higher resolution than was possible before.
      There has been a rumor that NASA was afraid of the results so allowed the launch to abort, not reach orbit. Neither satellite reached orbital velocity and are the only two satellites that have not using this delivery system according to the Hype from the company that designed and built the rocket a couple of months ago.
      This satellite was designed to measure a greater range of solar spectrum received at the upper atmosphere that previous satellites.

    • Dave G says:

      Just read about it LOL They called it the “Global warming satellite” The Gore Effect strikes again

  2. Latitude says:

    You’ve got to wonder why these guys would say something so stupid….

    ….do they really believe it?

    ….are they just trying everything in the book?

    • Mike Davis says:

      With enough “Explanations” in print with any condition they can say “We told you so”! They took lessons from Fortune Tellers and prominent Psychics, or was that a redundant statement.
      Some people actually believe everything they say even if it conflicts with a claim made in the same discussion period.
      Global Warming causes Global Cooling except when it does not! See how easy that is!

    • suyts says:

      I think they’re going with the “100 monkeys at 100 typewriters…” theory. The problem is, one of them could actually, if not accidentally, spew something worthwhile. But no one would be able to discern it from the noise.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    The Washington Post had their usual progaganda piece, showing a graph where Arctic sea ice had steadily declined since 1979. I’d like to write in. You must have graphs of your own showing that they are FOS?

  4. Jim Cole says:

    Hokey-smokes, Batman!

    “. . . . satellite failed to reach orbit today (March 4) and likely crashed into the southern Pacific Ocean”.

    “LIKELY crashed”!! Could you be a little more SPECIFIC about the spot? Have you guys heard of radar?

    Just NASA’s luck, it probably obliterated Amelia Earhart’s remains. Now, we’ll never know (just like Trenberth’s “missing heat”)

    • Baa Humbug says:

      The crew in charge of the sattelite was GODDARD Space Flight Center.

      Must have been the Steve/Hansen effect. Never have anyone with Goddard in their name in charge of anything 🙂

  5. suyts says:

    lmao!!!! Very nice! I’d almost forgot about the fairy tale book.

  6. Nobama says:

    wow. It all makes sense now. Got any more of that koolaid?

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