Idaho Gets 200 cm Of Snow In One Week

LOOKOUT PASS, Idaho — Mother Nature dumped record snow on Lookout Pass.  The area took the record for the most snowfall worldwide within the past week.

The resort tallied up six and a half feet of fresh snowfall within seven days.

Temperatures in Idaho were far below normal during the period. Record snow and cold is considered by climate experts to be indicative of trapped heat warming the planet up.

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5 Responses to Idaho Gets 200 cm Of Snow In One Week

  1. Dave N says:

    Wow.. they must have been having a heat wave with all that moisture in the air.

  2. suyts says:

    Vill? Jull? WUWT? How does this reconcile with the last 30 years? Aren’t records a SOB?

  3. Is Wrongway Feldman running global warming?

  4. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Guess what, coral reefs are 18million years old! LOL!!!!

    • Jeff K says:

      Scarlet Pumpernickel, change you can believe in. We’re told change is good, regime change, political change, social change, sex change, partner change, but Not climate change.

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