Magic Mushrooms To Stop Global Warming


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4 Responses to Magic Mushrooms To Stop Global Warming

  1. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    This sight is fast becoming the James Wayne Gacey of science forums. The Tiny Tim performance video was what I thought of after reviewing a few posts. With global warming sucking all the water off the planet , forming a negative gravity drain near that island, it makes sense that global warming should dry up the oceans in Mojave and my neighbor kid’s sand box the way they have. Similarly, concrete dries.
    Please change the name of this website. Or restart it.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    We have a winner for today’s “Spaced Out award”!
    Concrete Cures and there are no current oceans in the Mojave Desert! I am not sure about his neighbor’s sandbox.
    In his virtual reality world to him this might be a “Sight” Imagine all the Pretty Colors dancing around the Kaleidoscope of his mind as he reads what is written here!
    Being a member of the Chicken Little Puppet Brigade he has an excuse for his beliefs!
    Actually HTL III sounds like a Viral Condition that has become Immunization resistant and he has already spun off the latest version HTL IV.

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