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My UAH February Forecast


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Aljazeera : “Climate Change #1 Issue”

El Salvador never had bad weather before you bought an SUV.   http://english.aljazeera.net/

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Where’s Ice Free Waldo Hiding In The Arctic?


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“Big Arctic Thaw Coming This Summer”

This (even more clueless) John Cook wannabe thinks that the Arctic Basin is normally 100% concentration ice. http://www.science20.com/

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Romm’s Exceptional Mildness Continues In Greenland And Canada For Another Week


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Wind Producing Almost 1% OF UK Energy Today

Time to shut down the coal death trains. http://www.bmreports.com/bsp/bsp_home.htm

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2011 Northern Hemisphere Ice Tracking 2006/2007

2006 had the highest minimum in the DMI record. 2007 had the lowest minimum in the DMI record. You can’t tell anything about the summer minimum from March ice extent, because a deficiency of ice in Quebec tells you absolutely … Continue reading

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Plot Out Your Shipping Route Through Holdren’s Ice Free Arctic Winter


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1954 : Scientists Seeking Funding Tell Congress That The Arctic Might Be Navigable By 1979

Page 2 http://trove.nla.gov.au/

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1953 : Low CO2/Low Sea Level Flood Kills More Than 1000 In Europe

Page 1 http://news.google.com/newspapers http://www.salthousehistory.co.uk/1953%282%29.html h/t to reader Paul H      

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