Plot Out Your Shipping Route Through Holdren’s Ice Free Arctic Winter

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9 Responses to Plot Out Your Shipping Route Through Holdren’s Ice Free Arctic Winter

  1. Paul H says:

    But Holdren is a scientist so he must be right and the camera is obviously lying.

  2. What you’re seeing is ice free waters. The economy in America is recovering. Debt is the way to prosperity. Everything is going according to plan. Washington has everything in control.

  3. Julienne Stroeve says:

    Nice picture! That’s exactly what it looks like every time I’ve been there in March for field work. It’s hard work making roads through the ice to get to our field sites…

  4. John Fisher says:

    Great title to this post, and great picture. I love it. Actually, this picture reminds me of home. I live in Minnesota, close to 4000 miles south east of Barrow, and this photo
    is a reasonable representation of where I live RIGHT NOW! And we’ve got another foot of the white stuff and -10F temperatures forecast for next week! Holdren, COME VISIT MINNESOTA! Oh, that’s right. I forgot. Global warming CAUSES snow and cold. Darn. Excuse me……

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    But there are more holes in the ice than usual!

  6. Nobama says:

    Why would anyone live there? What do you do for a living in a frozen wasteland….other than try to keep from freezing to death? Guess you could be an ice road trucker…. maybe a driller? Death spiral note taker? Polar Bear interviewer?

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