Where’s Ice Free Waldo Hiding In The Arctic?


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10 Responses to Where’s Ice Free Waldo Hiding In The Arctic?

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Maybe that little prong east of Greenland?

  2. Dave N says:

    The Arctic seems to be concentrating harder this year..

    • Mike Davis says:

      Maybe the Yearly final exams require more concentration this year because the questions are harder! 😉

  3. Mike Davis says:

    Waldo is taking Spring Break in the Bahamas!
    What you are showing is part of Western Europe! The Arctic moved! Actually to be consistent Climatology redefined “Arctic Region” to now include everything North of 34 N latitude!
    If you compare the old region North of 63 to the new region North of 35 you will see that percentage wise there is less ice under the new definition!

    • Al Gored says:

      You’re right. Virtually the entire North Atlantic Ocean is ice free!!! That’s bound to cause a catastrophic rise in the sea level sooner or later.

  4. Concentrated purple haze all in my eyes.

  5. AndyW says:

    Good representation of the lack of ice on the Pacific side.

    The snow cover representation seems to be nibbling into the sea ice part in some areas, such as the eastern Baltic and near Murmansk. They ought to remove the snow so it’s a better match, otherwise the amount of sea ice seems to be less than it is at first glance. Any reason why you shouldn’t take these images as little more than a “fun guide”


  6. yngve says:

    If you are interested in facts on global warming, don’t miss:

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