A Large Increase In Thick Ice Over 2010

2.5+ metres thick

3+ metres thick


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12 Responses to A Large Increase In Thick Ice Over 2010

  1. Latitude says:

    the poley bears are going to be pissed……….

    kill the bears
    save the seals


  2. suyts says:

    That’s an amazing amount of thick growth.

    Isn’t the area that shows 4-5 meters thick where all of the hot and incredible mildness has been?

    • Latitude says:

      Yep, exactly

      It looks like the wind piled it up again, and that’s where it’s getting thicker/quicker….

      ….but if the wind was blowing that way, wouldn’t it have blow cold water that way too??

      If so, where did that slightly warmer than normal anomaly come from?

      • suyts says:

        Indeed. I wonder when the last time that thermometer was calibrated? Or maybe Anthony has some insights to the sighting of the thermometer.

        The wind? Yes, I think that’s likely or an artifact of the AO. But how does that equate to warmer? It certainly wasn’t a warm breeze, and the water shouldn’t have been the cause of the relative warmth., IDK……. any breeze coming off of that ice pack should have been very cold.

        Every once in a while, I think about really digging in and doing some climate work and figuring this stuff out……..obviously its too much to ask from the people we pay, but then I remember the grief gained and the time spent by people like Steve Mac, and, as I draw another swallow of beer, I recollect, I don’t really care if its warmer or colder or icier on the north side of Greenland hell. πŸ™‚

    • suyts says:
      March 8, 2011 at 9:06 pm

      That’s an amazing amount of thick growth.

      That is what one can expect when warming accelerates.

      • suyts says:

        lol, RealScience makes climate discovery!!!! Exceptional warmth causes thick ice!!!!

      • Jimbo says:

        This makes me wonder about the speculation of runaway feedback loop amplification. Will it or won’t it happen? Let’s hope this bodes well for the September minimum melt.

  3. richcar 1225 says:

    Bob Tisdale’s latest Arctic ocean SST anomaly is graph is interesting.

    Heat content has declined except for spikes that may be related to heat released by the thickening ice.

  4. Luke of the D says:

    Why do they color it green? Is ice green? Same as doppler radar maps of rain… why green? Why not… I don’t know white for snow, blue for ice, and… and… clear for rain? Hmm??

  5. Lance says:

    the bears will be in trouble, that thicker ice means they have to dig deeper to get a nice warm seal …../sarc off..

  6. AndyW says:

    The last NSIDC monthly update seemed to indicate it might well stay in place this summer and not be moved out so next year could be even thicker.


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