Minnesota : “Winter is one of snowiest on record”

This year brought St. Cloud its fourth-snowiest winter on record, a new report shows.


According to Jeff Masters, it must be due to global warming. Over the last decade, winter temperatures in Minnesota are dropping at a rate of 110 degrees per century.


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4 Responses to Minnesota : “Winter is one of snowiest on record”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    To Cherry Pick or not to Cherry Pick? That is the question! If the promoters of the CLB chose to support their positions by Cherry Picking then to show the absurdity, Cherry Picking is the proper response! 😉

  2. It has been well-reported that globally there has been no significant warming since 1998 in spite of rising CO2 levels. For the contiguous US there has actually been a cooling trend. 13 years is not insignificant.


  3. Andy Weiss says:

    That is a prime example of what alarmist scientists can cherry pick in order to validate their warmcold thesis.

  4. Luke of the D says:

    Hey wait Mr. Weiss! Warmcold is real! And polar bears are huggable and all climate scientists know everything there is to know about cherrys. So what are you saying hmm? And keep the trends coming Mr. Goddard! I very much enjoy the astounding values… -110deg/century. Sounds good to me! Everyone knows cold makes crops grow better and a happy Gaia (earth mum, not the Titan)… right?

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