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1814 : Long Drought In Australia Drives Wheat Prices Up – Affecting The Poor

Page 1 http://trove.nla.gov.au/

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Soot Causing More Glacial Melt Than CO2 In The Himalayas

IPCC says that all the glaciers will be gone in 24 years. http://esciencenews.com/

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Minnesota : “Winter is one of snowiest on record”

This year brought St. Cloud its fourth-snowiest winter on record, a new report shows. http://www.sctimes.com/ According to Jeff Masters, it must be due to global warming. Over the last decade, winter temperatures in Minnesota are dropping at a rate of … Continue reading

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How Much Has The World Cooled Since 1998?


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Puffington Host : Protesting Against Oil Companies Will End La Nina

Instead of protesting, just stop using fossil fuels. Ride a bicycle and heat your home with composted human waste. Don’t use a computer or anything else which requires electricity, and don’t buy food or other products which were transported by … Continue reading

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Ice Growth From 2008 to 2011

The video below (made from US Navy data) shows that most of the Arctic is now covered with ice more than 2.5 metres thick. Compare with the much thinner ice in 2008

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Tamino’s Snow Job

Tamino posted the monthly anomaly graph below purportedly showing that snow cover is on a linear decline. http://tamino.wordpress.com/2011/03/05/snow/ First problem is that he is running a linear trend line across what is obviously a step function. In the late 1980s … Continue reading

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