1910 – Low CO2 Forest Fires Devastate The US



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3 Responses to 1910 – Low CO2 Forest Fires Devastate The US

  1. Ivan says:

    ..and yet the following winter:
    CHICAGO, April 4.
    A blizzard is raging in the middle west of the United States, and there are five inches of snow all over the country.

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    Those were joyful fires, in perfect harmony with nature.

    • Mike Davis says:

      What people consider “Harmony” is natural adaptation to the extremes in nature! There is NO harmony just overcoming adversity and adapting through innovation. The extreme climate conditions in the “Temperate” regions lead to the “Advancements” of civilization. If humanity had restricted their existence to the tropics we would all live the”Easy” life of the tropical Islanders. Most diversity in the biosphere is due to adapting to regional environments. Milder climate would lead to reduced diversity and species loss. The ECO Whackos have no clue what they are wailing about!

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