1972 : Hawaiian Overpopulation Scare

Note the fallout shelter symbol over the kids’ heads.


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5 Responses to 1972 : Hawaiian Overpopulation Scare

  1. Ryan Maue says:

    Guess all of those certificates of live birth started to add up in 1972.

  2. suyts says:

    “Note the fallout shelter symbol over the kids’ heads.”

    Yes, emblematic of one of the many fears thrust upon society from chronic pant wetters. That kid, like me, grew up with several fears, the over population, (thanks Paul R. Ehrlich, you freaking sadistic moron) and the known impending nuclear winter(was a matter of when not if) were just 2 they constantly filled our heads with. Being wrong just never phases these people.

    • Mike Davis says:

      I wore a dosimeter in the 50s. they were the tube type. My uncle was a nuclear physicist and provided us with them because of our living close to Nevada Test Site. When the testing went underground we stopped wearing them.
      On occasion it was required to wear one later while at certain locations but that was job related and just a precaution!
      I glow now and we do not need a night light! 😉
      The scariest movie I watched in the 50s was “Them” about the giant ants coming out of the Test Site!

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