So Much For Grolar Bears

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2 Responses to So Much For Grolar Bears

  1. Red Jeff says:

    But Steve, you forget that nature is so esoteric… and the lonliness of a Canadian winter’s Saturday night… “To prevent wasting their eggs, females ovulate only after spending several days with a male, Stirling explained. “Then they mate several times over several days.” In other words, the mating between the polar bear and grizzly was more than a chance encounter. “That’s what makes it quite interesting,” he added.”

    “We also found empty bottles of cheap red Italian wine, party streamers and silly hats… we feel drinking may have been involved somehow.”

    All the best… Jeff

    • Mike Davis says:

      You owe me a key board but I was ble to clean off the monitor! 🙂 I was shaking the table laughing so hard!

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