1975 : Climate Modelers Ponder Return To An Ice Age

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8 Responses to 1975 : Climate Modelers Ponder Return To An Ice Age

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    These experts want to make a name for themselves and get their names in the newspaper. Is there any better way than manufacturing a huge catastrophe? You don’t become rich and famous by predicting good weather.

  2. Ivan says:

    .. and before that in 1947:
    “Are We Entering a New Ice Age?
    Britain has been engaged in a deadly battle against the force* of “General Winter.”

    …and before that… and before that… back as far as:
    “In historical times we hear of a “marvellous great snow” in England as early as A.D. 764, when there was so extreme a frost as the like had not been heard of, continuing from the beginning of the winter almost to the midst of spring.”

  3. Livermore? Was Ben Santer there then? I wonder if 1979 is when he stated having phantasms of H2 Hummers.

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