Shock News : Romm Was Wrong


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12 Responses to Shock News : Romm Was Wrong

  1. Latitude says:

    From the Green link:
    ““The physical basis, process, and cause and effect of blocking events are poorly understood in theory and observations and less well understood in models,” Ricky Rood, a meteorologist with Weather Underground, a weather Web site, said in an email message. “It is a very difficult problem, where the state-of-the-art understanding is low.”

  2. PJB says:

    Not to worry, GHG will cause more severe snowstorms that will cool off the Russian heat. Maybe even glaciers to melt in the summer to cause more worry about reducing snowpack. Remember when you refer to climatology and model results, especially, to use lots of qualifiers…

  3. suyts says:

    lol, let him try to delete that comment.

  4. Baa Humbug says:

    Maybe CO2 is not well mixed in the atmosphere and the prevailing winds brought the equivalent of 500ppm over Moscow causing catastrophic heat.
    This surely is an indication of what the whole world can expect if we continue to burn fossill fuels.
    Waddaya reckon Joe?

  5. Ivan says:

    Much like this one was, I would guess:

    A letter from the St. Petersburg correspondent of the London Daily Telegraph gives the following terrible picture of the misery which prevails in the famine-stricken districts of Russia…
    ..True, the crops failed in the corn-growing districts ; the drought in spring and the burning heat of the summer sun parched all vegetation ; processions of prospective paupers and priests paraded the hamlets praying for rain…”
    ~Nov 1891

  6. Ivan says:

    Or this one …
    Heat waves that have caused such catastrophes in America, in Spain, and other lands, are now upon us here in St Petersburg, after having traversed the whole of South and Central Russia, bringing at once harm and good, for if in some regions the grain and grasses have been utterly destroyed, in most provinces this year’s harvests are rather above than below the average. The great heat of this summer has not produced any observable increase in the general statistics of epidemic diseases and of mortality, but the destruction of buildings, villages, even of whole towns by fire, has been so great as scarcely ever to have been exceeded in former years The burning of factories, of ships and barges in the ports, is assuming gigantic proportions , and what is more, the forests above ground and the turf beneath are burning all around St Petersburg, filling the air with such a strong smell that the windows have to be kept shut.”
    ~Aug 1901

  7. Ivan says:

    Or this …
    The greatest continuous heat for half a century has been experienced, and monster forest fires are burning in every direction. The effect of the drought on the crops is causing anxiety.”
    ~July 1914

  8. Ivan says:

    ..and – finally – here’s the one from “half a century ago”

    “The Moniteur of the 19th August, quoting from the Journal de Francfort, gives an account of the awful prevalence of destructive fires in the north of Europe – in Russia, Norway, and Germany. The extreme heat of the summer is supposed to have been the principal cause of these calamitous visitations.”
    ~Aug 1859

  9. Baghdad Romm

    I don’t know when what is right and what is wrong mattered in the world of propaganda.

  10. intrepid_wanders says:

    From the Green link:
    ““It is a very difficult problem, where the state-of-the-art understanding is low.””

    Yes indeed, the “State” of the “Art” is low. I find that to be funny tonight 😉 Do not know why that word “understanding” is in that sentence…

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