Winter 2010-2011 Was Very Cold And Dry In The US

It was the 39th coldest and 16th driest winter since 1895.

Jeff Masters says that we are getting a lot of excess (imaginary) precipitation because of the excess (imaginary) warmth. This is based on his (imaginary) theory of global warming.



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4 Responses to Winter 2010-2011 Was Very Cold And Dry In The US

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:
  2. Cold and dry, just like they say will happen with global warming. No wait, they say cold and snowy. No wait, they say warm and dry. No wait, they warm and wet.

    • truthsword says:

      Exactly, we have said this all along. Climate is too complicated to understand by real world observation. Our models consistantly state that the four options you state above will happen from AGW. I am glad to see you are gaining understanding of AGW.

  3. Jim Macdonald says:

    As the late Prof. Lorenz said, “its a non linear, chaotic system”

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