The Five Hottest Days In Boulder All Came Before 1960

Boulder is home to NCAR, NSIDC, NOAA, etc.

According To USHCN, the five hottest days in Boulder all came prior to 1960. Apparently low quantities of greenhouse gas make Boulder hot.

June 23, 1954   - 104F
July 11, 1954   - 104F
July 12, 1954   - 103F
July 22, 1931   - 102F
August 24, 1936 - 102F

There also is no trend for snowfall or precipitation.


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3 Responses to The Five Hottest Days In Boulder All Came Before 1960

  1. Paul H says:

    UAH temps still falling – now 0.82C colder than last year. Global temps usually start to rise in March but have dropped 0.16C in the last couple of weeks and are now no higher than they were in January.

    I seem to remember Ryan Maue forecast this for the end of Feb but his forecast must have been a week out.

  2. Philip Finck says:

    I would suggest that there was a problem with the 1893 data.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    But Boulder is just a speck on the globe. The climate experts have looked at thousands of stations over the last hundred years and have concluded that the world as a whole is rapidly warming (or so the party line goes).

    If you show the alarmists 10 stations or 100 stations that aren’t warming, that is just cherry picking.

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