IPCC 1995 : “shrinking snow cover in winter”

Scientists Say Earth’s Warming Could Set Off Wide Disruptions


Published: September 18, 1995

The picture of probable disruption, including adverse changes and some that are beneficial, emerges from draft sections of a new assessment of the climate problem by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and from interviews with scientists involved in the assessment. The panel, a United Nations group of 2,500 scientists from around the world, advises parties to a 1992 treaty that are negotiating reductions in heat-trapping greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

*A “striking” retreat of mountain glaciers around the world, accompanied in the Northern Hemisphere by a shrinking snow cover in winter.



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4 Responses to IPCC 1995 : “shrinking snow cover in winter”

  1. suyts says:

    But, that was before they never said that.

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    Alarmists conveniently forget about their multitude of past incorrect forecasts. They say there is less snow cover-thus it must be so, even if there is more. And if you don’t agree there is less, you are a right wing Republican and/or a mental defective.

  3. “United Nations group of 2,500 scientists”

    This is a myth. There are not 2500 scientists in the IPCC. And among those that actually are scientists not all of them agree with the disaster scenarios promoted in ‘global warming’. John Christy is one of them.

  4. Mike Davis says:

    Nothing has changed with the Chicken Little Brigade since the 1992 treaty was signed. There was no science to support their fantasies then and there is still no science to support the fantasies!

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