Vikings Failed To Consult Peer Review

There was no MWP according to our top climate researchers. What were the Vikings thinking of?

h/t to Scarlet Pumpernickel

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5 Responses to Vikings Failed To Consult Peer Review

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Just another example of natural climate change, which has been happening for the last 4.5 billion years.

  2. Tony Duncan says:


    and what peer reviewed articles say there was no warming in Greenland during this period?

  3. Paul H says:

    Funny how some people don’t like being reminded of inconvenient facts.

  4. vigilantfish says:

    Better check ‘The Melting Arctic’ project funding for evidence of Big Oil contamination. /sarc

    This is good news – further evidence to undermine the Mann Meme that continues to haunt the CAGW debate.

  5. Alcheson says:

    So Tony… you are one of those that claim that IF Greenland was warmer, then it was strictly a local event? I mean, afterall, the whole AGW argument rests on the Hockey Stick representation of temperatures for the past 1000+ years. If the temperature graph in the 1990 IPCC report that shows MWP and the LIA is actually the more accurate (rather than the more recent Hockey Stick), then warming/cooling trends from 1900-2010 are easily shown to be almost all natural in origin.

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