NASA : Man Made CO2 Affecting The Earth’s Core

We had no idea how powerful soccer moms can be.

h/t To Marc Morano


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15 Responses to NASA : Man Made CO2 Affecting The Earth’s Core

  1. Mike Bromley says:

    As if the Sendai Earthquake & Tsunami weren’t enough, now we are effecting angular momentum????

  2. Ralph says:

    Is this the legacy of science in the most innovative country on this planet? It doesn’t need a scientific theory, just make up something to fool the politicians into giving us more money.

  3. Dave N says:

    Is Daily Tech satire, or has April 1st come early?

  4. suyts says:

    This is very disheartening. Words fail me as how to describe this.

    • Mike Davis says:

      My response to these claims is LMAO! Big Time!
      I expected to see Hansen or Schitz name attached to this!

  5. Juergen says:

    “So researchers used computer climate models of Earth’s oceans and atmosphere to generate changes made by humans. … after 1930 is linked to increased levels of the human contribution of greenhouse gases.”

    Garbage in = garbage out

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    Would someone be so kind as to translate all that gibberish into something remotely coherent?

  7. hyperzombie says:

    No wonder I am so tired, I lost 1 hour to daylight savings time, 1.8 mil sec. due to the earthquake, and now this. We are all DOOMED; no one will ever sleep the same way again.

  8. Blade says:

    Someone please tell me that the polar bear in that image successfully brought home dinner for her cubs.

    I’m an animal lover so I am concerned about their well-being.

  9. Hal says:

    Keep up the good work NASA, and keep showing the Public your tendency towards scientific insanity! Then the serious need to defund this agency and others will become more obvious to the voters.

    Just think how bad the Earth’s imbalance could become if we anger the Chinese,
    and 1 Billion of its citizens start jumping up and down.

  10. Jerry says:

    Isn’t the syntax of the headline reversed? It says the subterranean geology “May Explain Climate Change,” which actually makes sense, while the text is suggesting the opposite. A Freudian slip of the truth?

  11. Is it still truth leaking out when their heads are up their posteriors? Might be something else… 😉

  12. Neo says:

    So does this mean that all those windmills are disturbing the fluid dynamics of the Earth ?

  13. mpatton says:

    The phrase “Wow, what a load of crap” leaps to mind.

    Followed by the phrase “Wow, they really must think we’re irredeemably stupid.”

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