Monbiot – Meltdown Safer Than CO2

George might want to take a freshman geology class. Almost all of the populated areas of Earth are near fault zones. The largest earthquake to ever hit the lower 48 states was in Missouri – not California.



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6 Responses to Monbiot – Meltdown Safer Than CO2

  1. majormike1 says:

    Nuclear generating plants can be made earthquake proof. The ones in Japan are. What we’ve seen is that not all were tsunami proof. I can make any future nuclear plant 100% tsunami proof. At the risk of blowing my outrageous consulting fee, I’ll let you in on my secret. Don’t build them in a tsunami-threat zone. 99.999999% percent of the world’s land surface is not in a tsunami-threat zone. Build there!

  2. HopeyChangey says:

    You would think you could bury the reactor deeply and keep a very large supply of water above that elevation, so you could simply flood the reactor passively.

    Having experienced many Tsunamis in the past, you would also think Japan would have elevated their diesel generators higher, and/or fortified their location, but I saw a photo yesterday of a Giant Ferry sitting atop a two story building, so this wave may have been 50 feet deep or more. Far beyond that depicted in Indonesia.

  3. Sparks says:

    There’s a big difference from being exposed to Co2 from the burning of coal and being exposed to radiation from a Nuclear fission reactor meltdown, What ever happened to nuclear fusion, has it been too politicized? like all the other cheap and abundant energy sources I keep reading about.
    Cheap and abundant energy? surly you can’t make that available! it would destroy the planet!

    Would reducing the amount of fuel rods in reactors make the nuclear reactions easier to control and having more and spacing them further apart make them safer?
    because it seems fission reactors are creating excess than is needed to produce electricity, why cant they make them like the reactors in nuclear subs/aircraft carriers that would only power a small town, and have more of them, it would make them easier to control in an emergency.

  4. papertiger says:

    Moinbot put a stopwatch to how long it took for him to shit himself, and found out the thought of co2 caused him to fill his shorts 0.000001 seconds quicker then the thought of nuclear meltdown.

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