Visualizing The Death Spiral

Arctic looks about the same as 20 years ago. The Northwest Passage is open for business.

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6 Responses to Visualizing The Death Spiral

  1. glacierman says:

    That must be what a death spiral looks like before the tipping point is reached.

    All that heat trapped in the atmosphere is just waiting to spring into action.

  2. HopeyChangey says:

    BYO Icebreaker….

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    The only Death Spiral that matters to climate experts relates to their handouts.

  4. Purple concentration all in my mind.

  5. AndyW says:

    It’s better to do the compare in summer Steve because the summer is losing more extent/area than winter. From the same site

    Mind you, your comparison map does show the marked decline even in winter ice, thanks for posting.


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