“Antarctica is the fastest winter warming place on Earth”


Devastating warming going on in Antarctica, as seen in the graph below.


And soon the ice will be all gone.



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6 Responses to “Antarctica is the fastest winter warming place on Earth”

  1. Scott says:

    A bit OT, but the 03/16 UAH data is up. After a few days of being a bit warmer than 2008 (by 0.03 C or so), 2011 didn’t show a change from 03/15 to 03/16, so is now only 0.01 C warmer than 2008. Given that 2008 saw a jump in temps for the next week or so, it’s likely that 2011 will go back as the lowest year on UAH since daily values became available (2003) just like it did for nearly the entire first half of the month. However, it doesn’t look like we’ll be reaching record lows, as the record low temps actually drop in the last half of March.

    Barring a very large increase in temps in the next few days, it looks like we may be seeing the lowest March anomaly for UAH in quite some time…we’re looking to be below 2008, and the most recent year below that was 1997. If we manage to go below 1997 (which I doubt), one has to go back to 1994 to get lower. La Nina is doing its thing…we’ll see how long it can keep up. My guess is that we’ll fall somewhere between 1997 and 2008 in March temps.

    Oh, and check this out…just saw Dr. Spencer’s update on SST’s.


    Still no trend over the last 9 years or so (slight downtrend, I’m assuming insignificant). Water vapor plot also shown…given the recent discussion on water vapor, thought it might be of interest.


    • suyts says:

      Here’s the decadal trend, it has a very slight incline, and after this month, I expect it to be flat line, and pretty much stay there for the next and then show a declining trend, depending on how long La Nina goes, and whether or not El Nino will show.

  2. Ivan says:

    Hasn’t this all been done before?
    ‘They struck none too soon, because the temperature rose to 40deg, and even the dogs lay panting, with their tongues hanging out.”

    “This Polar community entered on the fourteenth day of what, for want of a better equivalent, might be called the “hottest winter heat wave in the memory of the oldest inhabitants.” At 8 a.m. today the temperature soared to 25 degrees above zero.”

    Broken After a Fortnight

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    It’s incredible how misleading the propaganda is. Yet it goes on and on, like a broken record.

  4. Tony Duncan says:

    I just looked at the actual link and the scientist is talking about west antarctica.
    This is from NASA. from 2009, and shows significant warming of West Antarctica, which confirms what numerous scientists told me in Antarctica and S. Georgia when I was there in 2004.


    • suyts says:

      The peninsula has significant warming…………odd, that’s where most of the thermometers and people are.

      I don’t know if you followed the Steig/O’Donnell drama/story or not, but it seems rather apparent, that one, the heating is overstated, and two, we infer too much with too little information. There’s really only 2 thermometers for the interior of the continent…..depending on how one defines interior and how far interpolation and extrapolation one can stomach.

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