1922 – Swedish High School Teacher Said Einstein Didn’t Deserve The Nobel Prize

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10 Responses to 1922 – Swedish High School Teacher Said Einstein Didn’t Deserve The Nobel Prize

  1. John Silver says:

    Most likely a fake.

  2. There was a scientist that said Einstein should be killed because of the bizarre concepts that went along with General Relativity. There are still people today that say General Relativity is not right. I argued with 2 of them at WUWT for 2 days once. Then I got very, very sick of them.

  3. JasonR says:

    There’s been quite a bit of public disputation over Einstein’s claims to primacy in the fields of relativity. Of course, it’s ridiculous to talk in terms of plagiarism but I think it’s a welcome corrective to the general Einstein-worship (which has a strong whiff of Jewish ethnocentrism).


  4. suyts says:

    Un-freaking-believable. Why is it that when someone is accused of something untoward, we describe the action. But, if a person is accused of doing something untoward and they happen to be of Jewish decent, their ethnicity is mentioned?


    “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.”—— Isaac Newton, but then his first name is of Jewish biblical character so maybe he doesn’t count either.

    Growing knowledge works by building upon others’ knowledge and framing it and contextualizing it to be of use for others. Einstein didn’t live in a vacuum. He didn’t sit locked in a room just thinking about stuff. The reason why he gets credit for the “Relative theory” is because he was the first to articulate it in such a manner that others understood. He framed the question, and contextualized information for others. This is the way it works. It worked for Pythagoras, it worked for Newton and it worked for Einstein. Modern science has always had competing contemporaries whose works paralleled each others. What? Do people think Einstein got credit because Jews were so well loved back then? Dolts.

    If these things weren’t known, and someone describes a square to me, but also states there is another dimension to it, and I describe a cube, do I get credit for the idea of a “cube” or is it passed back to the person that didn’t describe it properly? Do I mention “square” guy? I probably should. Does it matter in the context of human knowledge gained? No.

    I’m not making any moral judgments on Einstein, I didn’t know the man. And I’m certainly would ascribe plagiarism to him, much less, as an indictment upon an entire race of people.

    What’s wrong with some people?

    “Nothing like some anti-Semitism to start the day. All those Norwegian Jews in a conspiracy.”——— No doubt Steve, I had just started on my coffee when I read this.

    • suyts says:

      lol, now see, I just read the linked article provided by Jason. Many of the thoughts expressed were the same, in fact, the Newton reference is unmistakable, “he stood on the shoulders of giants.”. In many ways, we said the same thing, only it was expressed differently. This could have only occurred because of the way common human knowledge is gained.

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