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Intense Periods Of Unsupportable Global Warming Propaganda Are Probably Triggered By Threats To Funding


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The Runaway Greenhouse Effect

Climate geniuses tell us that Venus is hot because of too much CO2. They also tell us that too much CO2 causes extreme weather. So why doesn’t Venus have any weather? The temperature on Venus is constant from day to … Continue reading

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More News From The Unfrozen Arctic

h/t to Ole Heinrich (of Greenland)

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Hansen Talks Incessantly About Warming Temperatures Because It Has Nothing To Do With Warming Temperatures

Antarctica experiencing record heat! Flooded cities experiencing record drought! http://www.cottagecountrynow.ca/community/environment/article/968937–stop-calling-it-global-warming

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Looks Like The World Didn’t End After All

A couple days ago the press was warning of nuclear apocalypse, but they have moved that off the lead story – in favor of the one about Obama agreeing to get out of the way of people who want to … Continue reading

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Another Global Warming Icon Bites The Dust


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Feedbacks vs Forcings

That Isn’t CO2 One of the dumbest arguments of all times. It goes like this – CO2 is a forcing and H2O is a feedback. CO2 has a long residency time, H2O doesn’t. CO2 controls the climate by feeding back … Continue reading

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1922 Was An Extreme Weather Year

1922 set the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded. 136F in Libya. It also saw record heat in the Arctic, massive typhoons, huge floods and snowstorms. Joe Romm would have been hysterical at 310 ppm CO2. Eastern Arctic didn’t … Continue reading

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Even The BBC Gets It

Nothing is ever clear with Obama, that is why he babbles to himself the same things over and over again. http://www.bbc.co.uk

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In 1986, We Had An Adult In The White House


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