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1922 : Global Warming, Poles Melting, Early Spring, Polar Ice Disappearing, Glaciers Rapidly Receding

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1922 : Frozen Viking Found In Greenland

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1922 – Swedish High School Teacher Said Einstein Didn’t Deserve The Nobel Prize

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Intense Periods Of Unsupportable Global Warming Propaganda Are Probably Triggered By Threats To Funding


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The Runaway Greenhouse Effect

Climate geniuses tell us that Venus is hot because of too much CO2. They also tell us that too much CO2 causes extreme weather. So why doesn’t Venus have any weather? The temperature on Venus is constant from day to … Continue reading

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More News From The Unfrozen Arctic

h/t to Ole Heinrich (of Greenland)

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Hansen Talks Incessantly About Warming Temperatures Because It Has Nothing To Do With Warming Temperatures

Antarctica experiencing record heat! Flooded cities experiencing record drought! http://www.cottagecountrynow.ca/community/environment/article/968937–stop-calling-it-global-warming

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