Straight To The Bit Bucket

I just posted a question for Joe Romm on his web site, asking him to do a calculation of CO2 sensitivity in the 21st century. HadCRUT temperatures down 0.1C with CO2 up 20 ppm.

My post never even made to to “pending” state. What a guy that Joe Romm is – cut from the mold of the old Soviet Union.



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8 Responses to Straight To The Bit Bucket

  1. SBVOR says:

    The so-called “Progressive” ideology can ONLY survive in an absolute intellectual vacuum (such as we find in most American universities today).

    Why? Because the ENTIRE “Progressive” ideology is PURE mythology! It crumbles at the slightest challenge.

  2. Gerald Marquardt says:

    The one thing they are good at is destroying property and terrifying folks—

  3. DEEBEE says:

    SOviets at least put up a facade and dissembled. Joe’s MIT degree gives him a special cloak

  4. TLC-Los ALamos says:

    The Lysenkoists are still in charge at RC.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    Keep on poking. It’s worth the effort.
    Romm is a dangerous ideologue, a traitor of science and humanity.
    You can’t poke zealots like that enough.

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    You are willing to suffer all kinds of fools on your site, but Joe won’t even bother to acknowledge legtimate questions from other reputable scientists.

  7. Mike Davis says:

    Steven knows we enjoy trashing members of the Chicken Little Brigade! 😉

  8. OldOne says:

    Yep, Romm has demonstrated that he is a propagandist who cares little about truth.
    On his “super-exponentially” accelerating CO2 article I posted that the graph of population showed current growth at 1.2% whereas footnote 2 stated that current growth was 1.8% and asked “how much confidence can be placed in a paper when there is a 50% internal discrepancy in one of its two primary subjects?”. I’ve got a screen-capture of my comment awaiting moderation, but it never made it through moderation.

    Later, after Romm updated his article w/author admitting “a numerical mistake in one of the footnotes”, I re-posted a comment that since he had found my comment to be true it was time to post it & I repeated it. That one went straight to the bit bucket as I never got the “awaiting moderation”, but I know it got to the site because when I repeated that post I got a message saying that it seems that you have already posted that comment.

    Like a typical propagandist, he can’t be shown to have been wrong or acknowledge that someone else corrected him. Shows his true colors & what a small person he is.

    I’ve been banned from a few pro-AGW blogs just because I dared to post inconvenient facts that the propagandists didn’t want their audience to see. Any wonder why they refuse to debate? They can’t moderate you into silence!

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