1922 : Hotspot In Libya

September 1922 set the record for hottest temperature ever recorded – Libya at 136F. GISS seems to think that the heat was confined to about one thermometer.


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4 Responses to 1922 : Hotspot In Libya

  1. Paul H says:

    I was getting worried until I saw the date.

    I thought Gaddafi had done something he had not ought to have.

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    That’s where all the missing heat ended up. GadaffyDuck stole it.

  3. pwl says:

    I’d just love to get my hands on one of these Magical GISS Thermometers they are using, as they must be totally Nasa Space Age spooky action at a distance quantum devices or something since they can magically measure temperatures accurately over a radius of 1,200 kilometers which is a circle with a diameter of 2,400 kilometers and magically show the ONE temperature of that whole vast area! It’s the most amazing data collection device ever fabricated. A must have for any aspiring scientist.

    It’s truly a wonder device as most thermometers can only measure the temperature of the molecules that it’s actually in physical contact with. Somehow this magical invention of Dr. James Hansen et. al. in their 1987 paper that permitted the statistical device (another “nature trick”) to be used can touch all the temperatures in the vast measurement area 2,400 kilometers across the diameter of a circle and magically report just one temperature even though there are many climate zones within that area that have many multiple different temperatures. One uniform temperature conforms them all to the local readings in a slight of hand known as magical statistical data fabrication technique, a real Magic Trick indeed!

    With this magical 1987 era statistical fabrication technology who needs to actually bother to measure any actual temperatures other than at one place. Eureka! Yes, Eureka, Nunavut, Canada! is one place where this magical see no real data but one blip is located. Heck this devices is so good temperature stations world wide are closing at a terrorific pace. Get your magical temperature data fabricating device and statistical data magical creating Nature Trick before climate doomsday melts away the opportunity.

    Remember, forget satellite data sources with their fancy smanchy ability record multiple temperatures over the same area… get the Hansen Magic Data Fabrication method applied to your 2,400 km temperature climate zones now before climate doomsday gets you where the sun don’t shine. You only need one temperature anyhow as all the rest can be fabricated by magical Hansen’s Data Fabrication Nature Trick.

    Get yours today, only USD$7 Billion in climate budget funding.

    Limited time offer: expires when other scientists realize that data fabrication is fraud and that fraud is a crime.

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    Don’t you know that any temperature that hot should have been thrown out? Especially when everyone else is freezing? You have simply not had the right training in data messaging…I mean compilation.

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