Vietnam Severely Affected By Global Warming – But No One Can Say What The Effects Are

Turns out the weather in Vietnam is not exactly the same every year.

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4 Responses to Vietnam Severely Affected By Global Warming – But No One Can Say What The Effects Are

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    They have had worse problems in the past than a degree or two of imagined climate change, like a half million American troops. They were able to survive the troops, so they should be OK with the climate change.

  2. DERise says:

    19C at Noon in Bangkok??? I have never done anything but sweat my a$$ off in Thailand. That is some real cold global warming there, I spent about 10 years bouncing around the tropics in the 80-90s, still haven’t recovered my cold tolerance.

  3. Ralph says:

    “They said that the actual, specific impacts experienced by regions and localities nationwide were yet to be assessed, and this had hindered the formulation of effective response plans at the local level.”

    That sounds perfectly logical to me, especially if they’re trying to get a large grant through Washington.

  4. gofer says:

    They been told it’s happening, so they got to go find out what’s happening so they can do something about what’s happening that they were not aware that it was happening and what the effects of the happenings are….seems perfectly logical.

    Of course the first thing that needs to happen is a wad of cash from the UN, so they can proceed with “what may, is, might, will, possibly happen.

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