Japan Death Toll : Nature 20,000 – Nukes 0

Romm supports wave and wind power – because waves and wind are safe and never kill people.

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7 Responses to Japan Death Toll : Nature 20,000 – Nukes 0

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    HAHAHAHHAH yeah because people won’t due from this for 10-20 years.

    BTW a few workers in the plant died in explosions

  2. Latitude says:

    serious question because I have not heard the news today…

    …Has there been a “nuclear disaster” yet?

  3. Sandy Rham says:

    Presumably there were some wind turbines in the earthquake zone?
    A 200m tower with 100 tons of assembly at the top.
    What’s left of them I wonder?

  4. K says:

    According to some sources, (NRDC) 64.000 people a year die of particulates in the atmosphere. These include coal dust and oil soot. Not going nuclear 20 years ago has killed over a million people.


    The anti-nuclear activists have lakes of blood on their hands!!

  5. Blade says:

    Headline of the Year.

    Waiting for the Media to follow suit.

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